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5 Apps For Moms That You Didn’t Know Existed

5 Apps For Moms That You Didn’t Know Existed

Most of us mom use at least one of the few most popular apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Photo editors for first year milestones, or a pregnancy tracker.  But those are common and super easy to find. I took the liberty of doing some research so find 5 amazing apps that most moms don’t even know exist. Here is what I found 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  1. The most confused app of all, a mix between social media, a review forum, and a search service. 

Winnie is an amazing app that I recommend all mothers download ASAP! To use Winnie, you set up a profile that essentially has a “wall” where you can post questions or discussions, pictures, articles, or even post a review to a business nearby. And whatever you post will appear in others “feed” that are close in location to you. You have a profile and a bio that appear when people click on you, but you can also post anonymously! This is great for when you need to ask those questions that you might not want others, who live near you, to know that you are asking. I’m sure you can see how it can be like social media, but let me explain how it compares to a review forum and search service. 

In the “search” area everything is divided into categories. You can search through typing something in or clicking on one of the many categories of topics they have for discussions. This helps you find questions, discussions, advice, or precise topics. Winnie also has categories set up to help you find local businesses: maps, parks, activities, dining, and child care. Once you choose one of the categories, tons of business near you will pop up. And if you click on a business you will be able to see a map location, an address, rating and reviews, more info, and sometimes even pictures.

Winnie is a one-stop shop for moms to find activities, support, and something to do! Both at home on your phone and out and about with your kiddos. Who is Winnie for? Well Winnie, itself on the app, says “Moms, dads, newlyweds, expecting parents, grandmas, grandpas, teachers, babysitters, aunties, uncles… anyone with a child in their lives!”

To join Winnie, click here

2. It’s Tinder, but for moms.

It’s called Peanut. And No, it’s not for moms to date.  But to find other mommy friends and build their “mom tribe.” If you have ever been on Tinder (and yes, before I was married I had tried it out) it’s basically the same structure. You make a profile for yourself with a bio and a picture and then you get ready to swipe on the moms you think you would like to connect with and add to your mom tribe! There are some fun components of Peanut like the fact that you get to pick three categories that you believe you best fit, to better help you connect with moms that are your type. The categories are referred to as “packs” and consist consist of things like “hot mess,” “dancing machine,” “ wine time,” “beer buddy,” “spiritual gangster,” “powered by caffeine,” and more! It also lets you add how many kids you have, their genders, and their ages. And lastly you can add your work schedule so other moms can see if yours aligns with theirs and if it would even be possible for you to meet up! Peanut shows you the profiles of moms (just like Tinder) and you have to swipe up to match with them, or down to say “maybe later.” If they swipe up on you too, then you are like “peanut butter and jelly” and are matched! Once you matched the app suggests you to send them a message.


There are however, aspects of the app that are completely different from Tinder, but similar to Winnie. The app has a forum like/social media side to it. There is a place where you can post a status update, poll, or write a post with pictures that you can share publicly. Either posted by your profile or anonymously.


Apps like this are a great place to connect with other moms who you can actually meet up with in real life and make a connection with. But also, make some more internet friends, and find support. I will mention that an app like this is a great place for “mom bosses.” Whether you have an online Etsy store, are part of a direct sales or multi level marketing company, or are a blogger like me, this is a great place to advertise yourself as a mompreneur and network with others!

You can join Peanut, here

3. The app for the mom, the dad, children, and anyone you care about.

Life360 is pretty much a required app if you are human. It can be life saving. You can use the app to create “circles” of multiple people that you can track and locate. For instance, if I add my husband, he downloads the app, and joins my circle I can track his ongoing location, get notifications when he leaves the house, arrives at work, the grocery store, and even when his phone is dying. I can’t tell you how amazing this app will be for my kids when they are driving age. The app does all of this for free, but does offer a premium driver protection service  for $7.99 a month or $69.99 a year. The service comes with safe driving review (which alerts if the app user uses the phone while driving, and “provides in-depth information about the trip, including alerts for aggressive driving, hard acceleration, hard braking, unsafe texting and phone use, and speeding.” The service also includes driver and passenger protection, extended roadside assistance, 24/7 driver care support, unlimited place alerts for the whole family, 30 days of location history, crime hotspot & alerts, and same day email support.

Even if you choose not to pay for the monthly premium driver protection, the app still offers tons of free services that would benefit any mother and her family!

4. You may have a family wall calendar or even linked calendars on your phone, but this app is the bee’s knee’s in planning among families! A mom’s dream come true.

We are all on our phones, all of the time. Your husband I’m sure can admit to that. Cozi is an app that allows you to add events to a calendar that is synced to your partner’s and children’s calendar on their phones and email. Your significant other now has NO excuse for forgetting events, because every time you create one, it will be added to their app and reminders will be sent to their email. The app allows you to add an event title, location, time, reminders, and notes.

The app also has features to create grocery lists and To-Do lists, all which can be synced and shared with your family! Extra features include a recipes tab, contacts, a journal, and a birthday log. Head over to Cozi and set up your family’s profile and get coordinated!

One of the coolest aspects of Cozi is, “Club Cozi.” Club cozi is the path to being a part of Cozi’s influencer community! You can earn points based on the way you help advertise Cozi as an app. There are several ways to earn points including signing up for the Cozi club, mentions, retweets, and so much more. You can even win a monthly a prize based on your points, such as a $100 Amazon giftcard.

Click to join Cozi, HERE.

  1. A life coach in your pocket helping you get the self-care that you deserve.

Sanity&Self is a must have self-care app! Over 620+ premium sessions that can help you learn, grow, and become the best version of yourself. There are so many different categories to choose from such as anxiety and stress, bodyweight, sex & intimacy, and so many more. Some of my favorite programs I have seen are “Give Less F#cks,” “from no O to big O,” “social media detox,” and “habits made simple.” Each program is set up on a daily basis, so you complete a section each day. They range from 3 days to 7 days. The app also has features to set up reminders like “eat healthy today,” or get beauty rest.”

The app also contains space for journaling and a community of other woman to connect, encourage, and communicate with! Get the app, HERE!

What is amazing about all of these apps is they actually help you accomplish more and become a more productive mom. They are like useful tools to have in your belt. Our phones can be such a distraction and time consuming while all the while not doing anything for you. I hope these apps are as useful for you, as they are me!

**Disclaimer: This is not a paid partnership or paid advertising. I am not an employee or work for any of the companies that run these applications. I am simpley a user of the apps and I am giving my honest opinions. I don’t haven’t any professional experience on how the apps work, I am just stating what I learned from the apps as I was using them.**

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