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How To Look Like You’ve Actually Gotten Sleep #momlife

How To Look Like You’ve Actually Gotten Sleep #momlife

The days of being a mom are hard and unpredictable. It seems like there is always something that is thrown our way. Just when you feel like you will actually get sleep, someone gets sick, has growing pains, or who knows what else. And even when we do get sleep our kiddos keep us on our toes and oh-so busy! It’s truly exhausting (even though it’s so rewarding.)

However, I know the feeling of being an exhausted mom and not really wanting to put a whole lot of effort into looking “put together” when leaving the house. That’s why I wanted to share these three things that I do, that will help you look like you have actually gotten sleep!

1. Ice underneath your eyes

Even if you are a young mom or maybe it doesn’t feel like your eyes look that swollen, I promise that ice cubes help your skin wake right up. It will get rid of puffiness and help you look way more rested than you actually are. I say to ice them for at least 3 minutes, but sometimes I will even go up to 10 with some breaks in between.

2. My favorite wooden timepiece

I recently just fell in love with Jord watches. They are wooden watches and seriously beautiful. Having a watch on your wrist not only helps you look more “put together,” but it actually helps you stay on time. We always have our phones in our back pockets or on the counter while getting ready. But, if you have a watch on your wrist to quickly flip and look at the time, you can easily make sure you aren’t late!

Why I suggest Jord watches is because they are absolutely stunning and compliment almost any outfit (and any person.) But also because they are so easy to put on. Literally takes a second to snap on and off. They are wooden, unique, and designed so beautifully. If you are going to have any luxury timepiece to help your “put together” look, it should be a Jord.

3. Sunnies and a good lip!

It doesn’t matter if your hair is unwashed and in a bun. Or if you are wearing a baseball hat. If you have a pair of sunglasses and a great lip gloss or color on, you are ready to go. A good lip helps give the illusion that you might just have makeup on and the sunglasses help hide that it’s just not the case.

I promise if you follow these three steps,  no one will be able to tell you haven’t slept in years.


Luxury Wooden Watch

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