My name is Amazing Grace (literally my legal name I was given when I was born) but you can call me Gracie. Born and raised in LA but a western Washington transplant. I’m a blogger, a safer beauty advocate, and a mom of two boys under two. I love grunge, music, photography, the PNW , classic mom culture shit (target, wine) and I say “fuck” a lot but Im seriously trying not to 😂 OH, and I’m happily married to a man twice my age. I have RBF but I’m seriously friendly and I like everyone, so please connect with me! Despite my mouth of a sailor (and my tat of one on my arm) I actually value family and my relationship with Jesus over anything.

I am a busy mom. Like busy AF. One, because I have two young boys, but also because I own three of my own businesses/passions that I run from home. I enjoy every second of what I do (in motherhood, being a wifey, and running my businesses.

I write about three different things on The Practical Mother: #momlife hacks, tips & tricks, controversial topics of motherhood, and product reviews.

When I first had the desire to be a blogger I was having such a hard time writing my “about me” page and piecing together articles and a niche for my blog. The longer and longer I have been working on it, the more I have come to realize I was doing it wrong. I was trying to force a niche, personality, and way of writing that wasn’t my own. I wanted everything to be perfect. But I’m not perfect. I’m so far from perfect. Being real and authentic is what is relatable to people. So I’m here to tell you that I’m going to be as real and authentic as I possibly can with you. No bulls**t, not ever. No mom wants to relate and learn from someone who is pretending to be perfect. It’s just not practical. Im here for moms to relate, not feel alone, and maybe learn something new. 

My blog is everything that I am…and honestly, I am totally just wingin’ it!

Welcome to “The Practical Mother”