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How a Fall Scented Candle Saved My Mental Health

How a Fall Scented Candle Saved My Mental Health

I needed a fall scented candle. If I had one my stress levels would go down so much. In the mornings I could light it, place it next to my pumpkin cookie jar, and feel so festive and fall-like. I would be such a better mom and it would be so good for my mental health. I would feel so relaxed. And of course, I needed to have one from Bath and Body works. Their candles burn forever, they smell amazing, and their aesthetic is perfect. I go online and realize I missed the sale they had and I was going to need to pay a little over 20 dollars for a three wick candle. I’m a mom and I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on a candle. Or could I? I scrolled through all of the scents and added my favorite to the cart. I was half way through putting my card information in when I decided I just couldn’t do it. I was going to check out some other stores. I came across a three wick candle sale for a pumpkin spice scent at a store, but still couldn’t justify $15 for a candle. I walked out of the store feeling depressed. Sad that I’m not a millionaire and can’t just buy every candle I want without a second thought. Sad that I felt like all of my other friends had candles in their homes already and I was missing out. My mood was low. 

Yesterday I was at my best friend’s house and I commented on how much I loved the smell of her candle she had on the counter. She invited me over to her closet to see her entire collection of fall scented candles. I said “OMG you have my favorite Bath and Body Works candle.” And she responded “take it! Please! I have tons. That one isn’t even my favorite.” 

I’m sure you have thought it too. “If I just buy (blank) item, I will be so much happier.” It’s not even advertisements that make us feel this way, social media does a great job at making us feel like we need THINGs to make us happy. I have spent many years of my adult life making wishlists on my iPhone of things that I need. Hopefully slowly crossing everything off so I can one day achieve the look or feel of life that I want so badly. 

The next day coming home and lighting my new (well new to me) fall scented candle, I had noticed something. I really needed a coffee to make everything perfect. But why? I thought the scented candle was all I needed. I just took a breathe and started to think. Almost hit with the thoughts like a door slammed in my face. Whatever I have needed (and in the case of a fall scented candle, wanted) I have already been provided with. When I ask, I always receive. I took a good look around at everything in my house and realized I haven’t even actually paid for most things I own. My coffee maker I had found by the garbage at my old apartment (literally brand new and perfect working condition.) My prized wax warmer my husband found in a box of things from his last marriage. Our couch, my makeup, shoes, vases, home decor, my children’s bed, clothes, toys, etc. All gifts either brand new or slightly used. I am so blessed and so lucky.

I am blessed with so many things and yet I constantly want more. What if I just stopped letting my desire for things take over my life, control my mood, and determine my happiness? What if I decided to be grateful for the things I already have and just know that I will be provided with the things that I need and sometimes even blessed with things that I want? I have an amazing husband, two healthy (and beautiful) children, and a perfect little house to live in. What more could I ask for. Every time I look at my fall scented candle I’m reminded of how blessed I am and how grateful I should be. 

We go through life always trying to remember to be grateful. We even have a holiday in November to make sure we do so. But when we actually make a decision to stop letting desires for “things” rule our lives and just live in the moment while being content with what we have, you will actually feel a mental freedom. It even makes receiving new things even more exciting because it was something you weren’t expecting. 

Instead of feeling like you just need a fall scented candle (or whatever else you want so badly) I urge you to find something you already have. Something that you are grateful to have and value. Let it be your reminder that you already have everything you need. Enjoy what you have been given and know you will be provided with what you need. 

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