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How To Be Present With Your Children While Building An Online Empire From Your Phone

How To Be Present With Your Children While Building An Online Empire From Your Phone

It’s every mom’s dream to stay home with their children and bring in income at the same time. Thanks to technology and social media, it’s becoming a realistic one. Many moms are taking advantage of technology and the internet to make their dreams come true and work a business from home with their babies. There are so many options for at home businesses, such direct sales, network marketing, e-commerce stores (like Etsy,) blogs, vlogs, and so much more. I am taking advantage of two types of businesses that I work from home since I am a blogger and a Beautycounter consultant. There is only one problem… it seems us moms are always on our phones since that is how we mostly manage our business. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I don’t want my children to see me always on my phone. 

When I first started both of my businesses I quickly realized how much I was on my phone when my one year old, Jaxon, took an interest in my phone. He was always coming over and trying to grab it out of my hands and then throwing a tantrum when I wouldn’t let him play with it. I didn’t see it was fair to him that so much of my attention was focused on a screen and not him. I quickly learned lots of ways to still work my businesses with 100% effort, but rarely use my phone in front of my, now, two kids. 

The first thing I had to learn was to work intentionally whenever I picked up my phone. Before, I would always pick up my phone with a goal to do something and then get sidetracked by Facebook notifications, snapchat, email, etc. I would end up just scrolling endlessly and not even accomplishing what I turned on my phone for in the first place. When you work intentionally, it means you are turning on your phone with the intention to do certain things to help your business and ONLY those things. If I have to look at my phone in front of my child I will say to myself “stop, okay… let’s turn on the phone to follow up with two people and post that one picture to Instagram.” The things you may need to do on your phone will be different depending on what sort of business you have, but you get the point. Then after you finish those exact things you decided to do, you put your phone away. Yes, you will be spending a lot less time on your phone then you are probably used to, but you will be surprised how much more you seem to get done with this tactic. What helps me to remember to always work intentionally and not just scroll on my phone is my screensaver. I used the app called ‘wordswag’ to make a background that says “work intentionally” so I see it every time I go to unlock my phone. 

Throughout the day, even if you don’t have your phone on your hands you can still be working. Having a business you run from home (any sort of business) requires some creativity. I am a blogger so I am constantly thinking about new topics to write about. I’m also a mom, so I forget EVERYTHING! To help keep my phone usage down (and remember things a little better) I keep a notepad and paper in my purse or near me so I can quickly jot down any new ideas I have for my blog. This is so I can revisit them when I have more time to use my phone. Doing this can also help you work intentionally as you can also make lists of things you need to do throughout the day so once you are actually using your phone, you can go straight down the list and prevent mindless scrolling on social media. You would be surprised how much work you can get done by just writing things down, plus your kids will likely want to join in on what mom is doing. I have a one year old so I often let him sit next to me and draw while I write. 

Being a mom is hard work and very tiring. Trust me, I know! Although we love our children with every we have, we also love bedtime so that we can relax and have a moment to ourselves. I know I love to watch Netflix and sometimes have a snack, everyone has their own thing they do for their “chill time.” I learned that although I love my chill time, I can get so much work done if I swap it with “dream time.” For at least an hour after my kids go to bed I work on my dream of growing my blog and my direct sales business. Although I have this whole hour to myself to work, I still try to work intentionally and leave the mindless scrolling for chill time. 

Your time is valuable, so make all the time you spend waiting for things productive. If you are in Starbucks and you are waiting for a coffee, then spend those few minutes working. If you are at the doctors in the waiting room, work your business instead of reading a magazine. I understand that sometimes you have your kids with you, but in the times you find yourself twiddling your thumbs waiting, you can be working! In the car with the whole family going to dinner and your husband is driving? Then you should be working! But, remember to always work intentionally. Even if that means taking a moment to think of exactly what you need to do before unlocking your phone. 

This next tip is one of my favorite and what I believe to be the most time efficient tip! Plan out all of your social media posts for the week. Most businesses that moms have from home require posting on social media. Whether you own an Etsy store, are in direct sales, or are a blogger…you probably advertise your business through a platform. It can be so time consuming to have to figure out what would be good to post, write the post out, edit, etc. I try and pick a time when I know I’m going to have at least an hour to my self with limited interruption (for me that is usually right after the kids go to sleep for the night.) Then I take the time to make a word document with the different pictures and texts to go with them that I will be posting throughout the week. Now when you only have five minutes to work on your business you can just copy and paste one of your pre-written posts linked with the picture you have saved in your gallery. Super simple way to help you work intentionally! 

It may seem almost impossible to juggle everything. I know I can get so overwhelmed by all my responsibilities and then trying to run an efficient and lucrative business at the same time. No one wants to be that mom that is always on her phone. The key is to relax and take everything a day at a time. There is only so much you can do sometimes and that has to be okay. If your kids are sick and you have to sacrifice working on your business that day, don’t stress about it. Use the tips above. Work when you CAN. And when you can’t, just breathe! Do your best, work hard, and it will pay off. Remember, although you may be trying to work your business to help better your family. Nothing can better your kids more than an active and involved mother. 

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