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The Truth About Beautycounter

The Truth About Beautycounter

You see a post, you recognize the key words: LINK TO SHOP IS IN MY BIO. You immediately think “multi-level marketing” and you quickly ban yourself from shopping there. Veto, disallow, forbid, and just a straight up, “aw hell no.” You refuse to sign up for another network marketing company that will never do anything for you in return of all the money you put in. This is the mindset of so many Americans because someone along the line has put a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to business structures like multi-level marketing companies. So when you see a Beautycounter post you might have the same reaction, but I’m here to tell you what it’s REALLY like to be a Beautycounter consultant, how we are different, and debunk some myths.

Myth# 1 We are a pyramid scheme.

We are not a pyramid scheme, those are illegal. We are also different from a lot of “MLM” companies. In other companies you get paid based on how many people you have on your “team”, or how many people you have underneath you/per level, etc. Beautycounter is a direct sales company or “peer to peer marketing.”. Consultants make up to 35% commission off of their personal sales and other’s sales who they essentially refer to also be a consultant. We do not get paid just because someone signs up “underneath us” and buys products every month. We get paid based upon sales of products and building a sales team. We don’t have to purchase a set amount of product each month and we don’t see people as just another person to add to our quota, our pyramid, or our web. Our goal is simply to educate people about the beauty industry and get safer beauty into the hands of everyone. We are a mission based company.

Imagine walking into a store where the employees get paid commission. Let’s say it’s a store that sells phones and internet services. And let’s say that the employees would be able to earn commission off anyone’s sales of whom they referred to be hired at the store as well. The store also gives discounts to employees and special perks to members. Doesn’t this sound like so many stores that exist today? Beautycounter just happens to be a “store” that ANYONE can work for with a mission of work that could change lives and history.

The last thing that separates us from other MLM’s is that you don’t actually have to buy products from a consultant. You can purchase directly from a pop-up shop, online, and even buy select products at target! But hey, if you are going to purchase products why not give someone the commission, right? You can read more about the compensation plan, HERE.

Myth #2 If you purchase anything from Beautycounter you have to become a member and get products auto-shipped every month.

NO and NO. That is not how we roll. Clients and members get charged the same price (however members get special perks like FREE shipping on orders over $100, 15% back in product credit, special deals, and a free gift when signing up.) There is no auto-ship to sign up for, you order product as you need them. There is no contract or requirement for being a client or member. However while we are talking discounts, consultants get 25% off all products, ALL of the time!

To become a member you must pay the $29 fee for Band of Beauty a year, it’s that simple. Plus, if you sign up for Band of Beauty and decide later to become a consultant, your membership fee goes towards your enrollment fee. To learn more or sign up for Band of Beauty and it’s amazing perks, click HERE and choose  “Become a Member.”


Myth #3 Beautycounter is just another direct sales makeup company like all of the rest.

NO, again. We are like no other company. We are the industry leading in safety standards. We test our products rigorously for safety, we are completely transparent with our ingredients, AND our products are high performing and downright luxurious. Our company goes beyond just having safe products. We encourage all consultants to be a part of political advocacy for safer beauty. We are mission based and strive to educate others about the secrets of the beauty industry. [We are also a group B corporation meaning… Beautycounter also strives to create eco-friendly packaging and …. And lastly we do not test any of our products on animals.] Beautycounter is in a league of its own. You can read more of Beautycounter’s story and see why we stand out, HERE and choose “Our Story.” 

Myth#4 Being a consultant requires that I message all of my friends and beg them to join my team.

You probably guessed the answer to this one. Beautycounter consultants are not sharks, so no. Although I cannot speak for ALL consultant, we don’t just mass message people in hopes they will sign up underneath us. To me, being a Beautycounter consultant means practicing what you preach. Living what you believe in and simply sharing it. Really it’s that simple. My goal is to educate and spread awareness and in turn my clients fall in love with safer products. I run a business, but I run it my way. And the best part? My business has extreme purpose and makes a difference.

Being a mentor to you for example, as a consultant, I would never ask you or encourage you to mass message people or add tons of random strangers on Facebook or anything like that. If you decide that you can be passionate enough about safer beauty, then that is where it begins. Other people trust genuine passion and personal stories. I love to mentor woman who share the same mission and encourage them to work hard on their Beautycounter business in the ways that best represent who they truly are. If you are someone who is extroverted and love center stage then go live on Facebook and talk about Beautycounter. If you are more extroverted, but love chatting to close friends and family in person, then run your business that way. Do what works for YOU and don’t try and be anything else.

If that sounds like something that you would love to try, I would love to be your mentor. You can join my team and work alongside me, HERE.

Myth #5 You can’t really make that much money.

The falsest myth there ever was. You can make a little or you can make a lot. It’s about how hard you want to work. It can be a side gig or a full time hustle. If you are truly passionate about clean beauty, the income potential is limitless.


Myth#6 It’s expenisve to sign up

It’s actually not expensive at all. It can cost you as little as $98 for your entire starter kit that includes 2 hero products, a Beautycounter tote bag, a canvas makeup bag, a training workbook, marketing materials, sample jars, a personalized website, access to your back office, and a customized training platform.” $98 and BOOM, you OWN A BUSINESS. If you are a Band of Beauty member it will only cost $69.

On top of the starter kit there are bundles of product called “starter sets” that are discounted 35-45% and are only offered when you sign-up, however they are completely optional for becoming a Beautycounter consultant.

You can see more information and purchase the Starter kit and sets, HERE. Just click the link and select “Join” and “Become a consultant” on the left hand side.

The truth is, Beautycounter is an all around outstanding company that is here to change the game. The game of the beauty industry, of woman CEO’s, and setting the bar for how a company should be run. Beautycounter has spread from Hollywood’s red carpet to Washington D.C.. Beautycounter consultants are ambitious, motivated, and passionate woman. We will not stop until the beauty industry is cleaned up. The question is, do you want to be a part of the movement that makes history? This mama, does.

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