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Whitening Coffee and Cigarette Stains at Home

Whitening Coffee and Cigarette Stains at Home

I’m not trying to get down on myself, but let’s be honest…We ALL have those traits about ourselves that just aren’t our favorites. My least favorite feature of myself is probably my teeth. I don’t hate my teeth or my smile at all, they just aren’t my favorite part about me. I have always felt that my teeth were too small and crooked and then to top it off, yellow and stained. I’m a former smoker and Diet Coke addict so naturally I have stained and yellowing teeth. So of course in my teenage years I attempted to use any teeth whitening product under the sun. Whitening strips, weird lights, and even charcoal powder. I’ll be honest and say that I did see a difference with the charcoal powder, but you had to keep up on it daily which was a pain. One time I dare stepped foot into a doctor’s office and found that professional teeth whitening was going to cost me over $500 and a few weeks of my time coming in and out of the office. I’m like, no thanks. I was pretty much set on the fact that I’m just going to have teeth that are…well not my favorite.

When Smile Brilliant approached me about their teeth whitening system, I was honestly super skeptical. Now, I’m a mom of two boys under 3 and I’m thinking there is absolutely no way I will have the time to do this. My other hesitation was if it was actually going to work. Or if it was going to be like the charcoal powder and needed to be used often to maintain results. But honestly, even if it barely whitened my teeth or maybe removed a single stain, then hey I’d be closer to a nicer smile!  So I agreed to give an honest go and report my opinion of the product.

Let me quickly explain what comes in your kit and how it all works!

When you get your teeth whitening kit it comes with everything you need in it, with the exception of your custom whitening trays. Obviously those have to be made. Inside you will find the two clays used to make your impressions, the trays to make your impressions, tools to help you with the whitening solution, directions on how to do everything, the desensitizing gel, and of course, the whitening gel.

The first step is to create your impressions. Follow the directions on how to mix the different clays, what the impressions should look like, and how long to hold them in. Then you safely pack them away in the included packing container and send them to Smile Brilliant for your custom whitening trays to be made. The trays are made super quickly and sent back to you in a few days. From there you can begin your whitening experience.

The directions are included that tell you how much whitening gel to put in your trays and how long to leave them on for. I generally left them in for about and hour and a half. Then you brush your teeth and follow with the desensitizing gel in your trays. I’ll tell you more about how long I left the desensitizing gel on, in a minute. However the instructions suggest about 30 minutes. And that’s it! Super crazy simple!!

Here’s my experience:

I was super shocked at how quickly they sent out the box to me! Looking inside I saw so many things in the box it honestly intimidated me. I’m thinking…yup, I will have no time to actually do this. I actually didn’t even get to doing the impression for a week after I got the box because I thought it was going to take so much time. Finally, I was like…kids are napping let’s try and squeeze this in.

The instructions for the impressions couldn’t have been more than crystal clear. It wasn’t a messy process at all and took me less time than an episode of Friends to finish!

The next day I sent my impressions to be made into my custom teeth whitening trays. I received my trays super quick and was so surprised how well they fit my teeth. Because of how easy of a process creating the impression was, I dove straight into the whitening.

Honestly, the whitening process overall took me a little bit longer than most. I have extremely sensitive teeth to begin with and so once I began whitening my teeth they were really sensitive. I was using the desensitizing gel, BUT I was not using it long enough after whitening. Towards the end I realized that I needed to use the desensitizing gel for at least 40 minutes after, and BAM no more sensitivity. So I encourage anyone who uses Smile Brilliant to make sure you are using the desensitizing gel after every whitening sesh and for an adequate amount of time.

I love that it took me less than a minute to add the gel to my whitening trays and put them in my mouth. From there I was free to go about my day for the next 1-3 hours. Being a seriously busy mom, this made all the difference. No sitting in office chairs, and having to clear time in your schedule. Just whiten and go. Then brush and desensitize.

Overall, the quality of Smile Brilliant’s products is high. I had pretty rough, yellowed, and stained teeth. And I could see a noticeable difference after using my kit, even after the first time I whitened. I feel more confident smiling and I even posted my first picture, of me smiling with my teeth, in YEARS. I would definitely recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone who is looking to love their smile a little bit more.

Here are my “before and after pictures.” I want to apologize for how close up and personal they are. Also P.S. I DO NOT normally smile this way, LOL. I was giving the camera an extra crazy grin so you could totally see my teeth.

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