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Why I’m Tired of Hearing “Millennials are lazy”

Why I’m Tired of Hearing “Millennials are lazy”

If I had a penny for every time I heard “millennials are lazy,” I would have way more money to spend on Amazon, than I do now. Our generation has Uber eats, Lyft, Amazon Prime, Alexa, and so many other apps/products/services like this. Let’s be real, millennials LOVE and take advantage of all of these products and apps, but it doesn’t make us lazy. We love these things because they are efficient and we are extremely busy, busy AF. 

I’m a millennial mom and the way I live my life as a mom and a housewife is way different than a women ten or more years ago. As a stay-at-home mom, I’m busy raising my two children (I’m a baby wearing, breast feeding, co-sleeping, anti- mom shaming mother.) I’m also busy running two of my own businesses that I run primarily from my phone/computer and I maintain creative hobbies of writing, photography, and art. Now it may seem like I am super woman and I’m accomplishing the near impossible. So I will tell you, it is nearly impossible! But using these services make the life I lead more efficient and a tad more possible. 

It really is crazy all the advances towards efficiency we have made. You can do almost anything from your phone and within minutes. Whether it’s order Taco Bell for delivery, Elmer’s glue for a school project, easy ingredients for a home cooked meal in a box, or even a monthly makeup bag/or shaving kit set on auto-ship, it’s sure to make your life easier and more relaxed. 

Our phones have brought us a world of methodical and systematic ways to improve life, but they are also aiding in our increasing “business.” Millennials seem to use their phone the most for communication. Our phones make us feel obligated to keep in communication with more people than necessary, increasing our feeling of “business”. Urgent business. As if we don’t respond to this one person, RIGHT THIS SECOND, then they will think we are ignoring them and they will hate us forever. You respond, move onto your next message, remember a question you had for one more friend, and boom it’s been half an hour of communication with others and you haven’t even made dinner yet. So you just order Pho on DoorDash because it’s easier. Today you were too busy to make dinner. Now I’m not saying your communication with others is a bad thing and you most likely have good justification for the reason you were holding those conversations, BUT if it weren’t for your phones you wouldn’t be as busy as you are. 

All of these new ways to make life more efficient for us busy millennials comes at a price, a very high price. Many of the things we use like Amazon (prime membership and Alexa,) Uber, DoorDash, etc are pricey and eventually add up. If we are so “lazy,” how are we able to afford using all of these products and apps? We work. We are hard working, scrappy, and resourceful. My favorite meme I have seen recently said “while you were arguing over if the glass is half full or half empty, I sold it. #hustle.” And I think that’s the perfect way to describe us. We are invested in political action, creativity, business, and making things happen. Just like your phones can have multiple apps running at the same time, so can our brains. We run a million miles an hour, working on several different projects, and always finding a way to make time for more. This is why Starbucks have drive thru’s, most Sushi places deliver, and groceries are ordered with the touch of your finger. 

So next time you judge a “millennial” off of the one nephew you have that sits on the couch all day, re-evaluate and look at those who may be just busy AF. Next time you tell a mil to pick up some dinner and she says “no I’ll just use DoorDash,” don’t knock them! We have sh*t to do. 

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